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I don't know how people parent and work full-time because I feel like S.O.A.M. is my neglected child. To be fair, I have been grieving, preparing to move, and working full-time. As I often say to my therapy clients, "that's a lot!" Summer feels like it's swiftly coming to its end but there is still time to read that o-n-e last book. I hope it will be mine. To that effect, I'm running a special Amazon Kindle ebook promotion from Thursday, August 5th to Thursday, August 12th. Just $2.99 for a book. They're not even that inexpensive at my favorite neighborhood thrift store. Enjoy! Soundtrack Of A Misfit: Adventures in ADD & Addiction

Stay warm my friends,

Rachel Leigh

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I have been communing with a group of women who honor the sacred within. This isn't as woo woo or out there as you might think nor is it obscure. Women have been learning in circles for centuries about the ways of the feminine body, fertility, and how the moon impacts natural cycles within us, as well as the earth.

I birthed a memoir by putting it out in the universe. I released it in e-book and print format with multiple errors (including missing TOC - for print). Consider it a lesson learned in humility. Instead of carrying the burden of shame, I made corrections and re-published. I am offering Soundtrack Of A Misfit: Adevtures in ADD & Addiction at more than half off for the print version through May 1st (May Day or Bealtaine) - to welcome summer and honor fertility in all its forms.

What will you do (besides read my book) to honor the coming of summer and lightness?

Love and light,

Rachel Leigh (The reds of the maples from fall of last year remind me of the fire and passion of the holiday. I didn't birth this dude but I have reared him since he was a wee pup).

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The end of a long, journey concluded today. Now Soundtrack Of A Misfit is LIVE. Today, you can purchase a copy for just 99 cents on Amazon Kindle using this link:

Beginning tomorrow - you can buy my memoir for half off on SmashWords using this coupon code is XK32N.



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